About The Epi Center

In Dutch we have a saying: “Noem het beestje maar bij de naam”, which translates to “Just call the animal by its name”.

When we say this, we mean “just tell it like it is” (which is kind of ironic, I do see that)… But my point is that speaking frankly and as simply as possible is something I value highly, which is how I came up with my blog’s URL.

However, after a while I started a travelblog and a bit later a third one. To give it all some form of uniformity I decided to be selfish and name them all after their creator –> ME!

People have given me many nicknames throughout my life but I think Epi might be the one most used by my closest friends and family. A four year old girl that lived in our home for a while came up with it and it just kinda stuck.

New facts and ideas can hit me like an earthquake, rippling brainwaves in all directions. This can be a chaotic experience; one might feel shaken or moved, but the interwebz often bring stability.


I am Epi, welcome to my center.



2 Responses to About The Epi Center

  1. Great blog!!! Keep it up 🙂 Mooi

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